Top 10 Netflix Series Coming out in 2020

This year marks the end of some of our Netflix favorites (goodbye, BoJack Horseman) and the beginning or continuation of new things to love. Netflix’s original series game is strong, and many favorites will be returning alongside a few newcomers that have been recently announced. Some exciting returns will be available on Netflix at some point this year although they don’t have definitive release dates. Here’s what we know for sure.

1. Altered Carbon Season 2 (February 27)

Altered Carbon is a science fiction series that developed a cult following after the release of its first season. The story takes place on a different planet, and the rules of life and death are different. People can essentially become immortal by placing their consciousness into a different body once their old one can no longer function. Trailers and snippets tell us that our protagonist will awaken to find himself in the middle of a war on his planet.

2. Castlevania Season 3 (March 5)

Castlevania is one of a small number of Netflix’s original animes, based on the Konami games of the same name. It’s a gory and visually stunning story about a vampire hunter attempting to save the human race from all sorts of creatures of the night.  This season picks up where we left Alucard, alone in the castle in a fragile emotional state.

3. Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker (March 20)

This limited series is a four part biography of Madam C.J. Walker. Walker, an African American entrepreneur, revolutionized haircare as we know it, becoming the modern day godmother of all the products we currently use. Her story is compelling and unique, as she overcame the odds and became the first self-made female millionaire in America. This series features an all-star cast, with Octavia Spencer and Tiffany Haddish taking on the main roles.

4. Ozark Season 3 (March 27)

Ozark fans have been waiting a long time to see what would happen with the Byrdes after the events of season 2. They managed to turn the tables, but what awaits them on the other side? The cryptic trailer seems to reveal that the casino that caused so much controversy in season 2 may be coming to pass, and the Byrdes are going to start running things in the Ozarks.

5. Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 (April)

This new anime takes place in the Ghost in the Shell universe, separate from the film starring Scarlett Johansson. It will also vary from the original animated film and the Standalone Complex animated series. What is known so far is that the series takes place in the year 2045 and is centered around the events of something called the Sustainable War. Details are still being released. Fans of sci fi anime are bound to enjoy it.

6. Cursed (TBA)

We’re all looking to fill the dramatic fantasy void left by the ending of Game of Thrones. Not many successfully found that The Witcher was quite what they wanted. Cursed seems to be a promising solution. Cursed is a retelling of King Arthur’s search for Merlin’s sword. King Arthur will be accompanied on his travels by a sorceress portrayed by Katherine Langford.

7. The Haunting of Bly Manor (TBA)

The Haunting of By Manor will technically be a new series, but it designed to be the spiritual successor to the wildly popular and emotionally compelling Haunting of Hill House. The Haunting of Hill House successfully wrapped up the story of the Crain family, and Bly Manor will give us the story of another family. The show is still in the hands of Mike Flanagan, and some cast members from Hill House will be returning in new roles.

8. Stranger Things Season 4 (TBA)

Netflix left us with a lot of questions last July. The internet was absolutely on fire (or fireworks) following the independence day drop of Stranger Things season 3. Who is the American being held by the Russians? Is Hopper really dead? The newly released trailer for Season 4 answers both questions in just a few seconds – and leaves us wondering what will happen next to Hawkins’ most adventurous (and supernatural) teenagers.

9. Midnight Mass (TBA)

Netflix is keeping Mike Flanagan busy. The success of The Haunting of Hill House brought us The Haunting of Bly Manor, but it doesn’t stop there. Flanagan has another original being released this year. Midnight Mass is a horror series about a priest who arrives on a small and sparsely populated island, and strange things begin happening shortly thereafter.

10. Ratched

Ryan Murphy is working with Sarah Paulson again, and this time it’s not for American Horror Story. Ratched is a backstory that nobody knew they wanted, but will certainly become enraptured with. Ratched is the events leading up to One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, showcasing how Nurse Ratched’s experience working years in an asylum led her to become the bitter and angry imposing force in the film.

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