BPI-M2 (Docker)



Docker Virtualization

Easy One-Click Web App Hosting

Today’s biggest cloud hosting services leverage virtualization to provide consumers optimized performance at an affordable cost. This may sound complicated, but in reality it’s a simple concept that anyone can take advantage of.

Docker empowers your computer with this same technology so you can bring the cloud on-site with easy one click deployment of containerized self-hosted web applications. Docker is one of the most versatile and stable platforms for any DIY web host and we provide both new and advanced users the open-source tools they need to start self-hosting virtual web apps with Docker.

When compared to traditional web hosting methods Docker can provide unlimited scalability for any number of users and powers everything from small ARM computers to large scale web servers. If you are looking for a production ready web hosting solution that can grow infinitely with your own needs, Docker is an excellent choice.

PrivateRouter has pre-configured our Docker devices with industry leading open-source app deployment software like Caprover, Portainer, or Yacht. You don’t have to be a command line guru to use Docker. We have added all the necessary tools and pre-installed our devices so you can manage and deploy your own virtual web applications from any web browser with just a few clicks.

Docker Features:

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