PrivateRouter ships all pre-configured Yunohost self hosting servers setup to work out-of-the-box. 

1. First plug the included LAN cable into an open LAN port on your WiFi router and power it on.


2. While you are waiting for the Yunohost server to boot up access the Member's area to obtain your Yunohost username and password.

You should consider changing this password and storing in a secure password manager.

From the member's area click the "Password Manager" link in the top menu.

3. Locate your Yunohost login details and copy and paste your username and password.

4. Open a web browser and enter your Yunohost domain or subdomain name. If you have difficulties loading the website double check that your Wifi router has internet access.

Paste your username and password from the Member's area and click the login button.

5. Once logged in you will see a list of pre-installed web apps. This is a private portal that will provide easy access to all of the web apps installed on your Yunohost box.

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