Private VPN Routers

In a world where personal data is often a trade commodity, PrivateRouter OS offers a robust solution for those seeking privacy. Whether you're configuring Anonymous VPN Wifi, setting up Remote VPN Access, or venturing into on-site self-hosting with Wireguard, PrivateRouter ensures you're always protected.

Get a FREE one year domain name with all Remote VPN add-ons and take control with PrivateRouter.

PrivateRouter OS powers any VPN setup

VPN Routers, Remote VPN Access, & Self Hosting


VPN Routers

Get network wide encryption & stay private with a pre-installed VPN router, powered by the PrivateRouter OpenWRT & TorGuard VPN.


Remote VPN

Access your home or office IP and network from anywhere with Wireguard, powered by TorGuard's Private VPN Cloud.


Self Hosting with Wireguard

Host your next website securely behind Wireguard on PrivateRouter OpenWRT. This is your data, under your control.

Easy VPN Setup

Built in WireGuard, OpenVPN, SSTP, V2ray & Openconnect.


Wireguard Inapp

Setup Wireguard by simply copy and pasting your VPN config.


VPN Support

Built in TorGuard OpenVPN, WireGuard, SSTP and Openconnect.

Install a plethora of third party vpn router apps thanks to our expanded storage build.

Your VPN WiFi Router has an App for that.

With 1TB SSD storage, Dual Band WiFi, and powerful Intel architecture, this is part WiFi Router, part web server.

PrivateRouter Cloud is Powered by You.

PrivateRouter Cloud Supports Docker & LXC on x86 and ARM

Deploy Docker Apps from 100+ Templates

Our PrivateRouter Cloud devices come pre-configured for VPNs, Docker, LXC, and more.

New PrivateRouter Cloud Arrivals

Build Your Personal VPN Cloud.

With PrivateRouter you can build your ideal VPN Wifi, Remote Acces VPN, or Self Hosted server.