Reverse Proxy Hosting

Self Hosting Made Simple, Private & Secure.

Reverse Proxy Plans

Host any website or cloud app on-site with a PrivateRouter reverse proxy.

Starter Host

Powers x1 Self Hosted Server

$ 9.99 /month
x1 Self Hosted Server
Unlimited Speeds
Unlimited Bandwidth
x1 Free Subdomain
Free SSL Certificates
24/7/365 Support
Custom App Installs
Easy One Click Apps
Firewall + Fail2ban
Simple Management Area
100% Open Source
14-Days Money-Back

Pro Host

Powers x2 Self Hosted Servers

$ 17.99 /month
x2 Self Hosted Servers
Unlimited Speeds
Unlimited Bandwidth
x2 Free Subdomains
Free SSL Certificates
24/7/365 Support
Custom App Installs
One Click App Addons
Firewall + Fail2ban
Simple Management Area
100% Open Source
14-Days Money-Back


Powers x3 Self Hosted Servers

$ 24.99 /month
x3 Self Hosted Servers
Unlimited Speeds
Unlimited Bandwidth
x3 Free Subdomains
Free SSL Certificates
24/7/365 Support
Custom App Installs
One Click App Addons
Firewall + Fail2ban
Simple Management Area
100% Open Source
14-Days Money-Back

Easy Docker Deployment

Got Docker? Remotely Access Your Existing Stack and Stay Private with our Reverse Proxy.

Reverse Proxy Features

We make self hosting easy and secure from the start.



All proxy plans come with a FREE subdomain, buy 1 year and get a FREE TLD domain registration.


Updates & Local Backup

Defend your websites against attacks with regular updates and local backup options.


Ease of Use

Add or remove new web applications anytime from a central portal.


SSL Certificates

All plans and domains are secured with unlimited free SSL powered by Let's Encrypt.


Works out-of-the-box

We pre-configure and add your requested apps before shipment so all you have to do is plug it in.


Choose Your OS

Choose from Yunohost OS, Caprover (Docker), or Portainer and Yacht (Docker)


Multi-User Management

You choose who can access each website and application. Add/remove users anytime.


Intrusion Prevention

Keep out unwanted traffic with security firewalls and block brute force protection with Fail2Ban.

Choose Your Own Web Apps

Choose from a list of popular self hosted web applications and we'll install them prior to shipment.

Remote Media Streaming

Access your self hosted media files from any web browser with apps like Nextcloud, OpenMediaVault, Jellyfin, DLNA Media Server & more.

Secure Communication

Host your own secure encrypted video conference and chat web applications like Jitsi, RocketChat, Mattermost, NextCloud talk and more.


Custom App Configuration

Choose from a list of apps and we will pre-install them.

All PrivateRouter web hosting boxes come shipped ready to use out of the box pre-configured with your proxy, domain and SSL certificate along with any apps you choose during checkout. 


Premier Support Services

Our team is standing by to help you anytime.

Setting up your ideal self-hosted web server may seem complicated. That’s why we provide the support, education and expert customer service to ensure you will stay online.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

A reverse proxy is a secure server that sits in front of a web hosting server and forwards client traffic requests to that web hosting server. Reverse proxies are a popular solution that is used to increase security, up-time, and service reliability. 

Unlike Dynamic DNS solutions, a reverse proxy hides the web hosting server’s true location and does not require any local port forwarding on a router. PrivateRouter reverse proxies can punch through NAT firewalls and transmit traffic securely to your personal reverse proxy server. You can host your web server on any network that has an Internet connection. 

Host any website on-site with a PrivateRouter reverse proxy. Simply point your domain name at the reverse proxy server and all traffic will communicate with the proxy, not your personal web server or IP address. This not only hides the true location and IP address of your on-site web hosting server, it also wraps client traffic in SSL and points your domain or sub-domains to the matching website application. No port forwarding required.

Dynamic DNS only points the domain’s name server to your local server and requires the user to open and forward ports on a local router. With reverse proxy hosting your local IP and web server location will remain hidden and all client traffic will be securely tunneled through the reverse proxy. You can host your server on any network that has an active internet connection.

No, PrivateRouter’s reverse proxy service does not require any changes to your local router. You do NOT need to open or forward any ports. Our reverse proxy can go through firewalls to reach the outside internet.

If you don’t have a domain name we will provide you a PrivateRouter subdomain free of charge. All yearly reverse proxy plans come with a FREE custom domain of your choosing. If you already have a domain name it can be configured to point to your PrivateRouter reverse proxy.

Speeds are only limited by your local internet connection. We provide unlimited speeds and bandwidth but your loading times will be capped at your local internet download speed. The faster your internet connection is, the faster your self hosted websites will load.

Yes, all PrivateRouter boxes come shipped pre-configured with your proxy, domain option, and SSL certificate. Simply plug the provided LAN cable into a router and power it on to access.

No, you don’t have to use our self hosted web boxes with a reverse proxy and domain name although most apps work best with this configuration. Specify “local hosting” on checkout and we will ship the device with a .local domain that works only when connected to your private network. 

All standard orders are processed and shipped within 24 hrs, however a custom installation request can add 24-48 hours to shipping time while our team pre-configures the box per your specifications.

Yes, tech savvy users who already have a self hosted web server onsite can still take advantage of our reverse proxy service. To install our proxy on an existing box purchase the reverse proxy subscription service and follow the setup instructions. PrivateRouter’s proxy is compatible with any Linux system and is easily deployed with our docker app.

Of course, if you are not 100% satisfied we will refund your payment in full, no questions asked.

Welcome to the Reverse Cloud Migration.

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