This software contains sophisticated and powerful encryption methods that make it a federal crime for one to do certain things with it, even unknowingly. Ignorance of these laws does not reduce your personal liability. Please read the following guidelines carefully before accepting this software.


You may not ‘export’ this software to certain countries listed on the Commerce Control List, which currently includes Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. This list may change from time to time so please visit to get updates. This prohibition on ‘exports’ means you may not send the software itself to such countries but it also means you may not carry your own personal computer containing this software into or through such countries.


Anywhere in the world, even inside the United States, you may not transfer this software (or a computer containing this software) to certain persons or organizations or companies listed on the Denied Parties List. See for the current list. Such a transfer is a “deemed export” subject to federal Export Administration Regulations. Do not deliver or transfer this software or a personal computer containing this software to a national or resident of a foreign country anywhere in the world without first checking the Denied Parties List. If the intended recipient is listed or belongs to a listed organization or company, you must contact the U.S. Department of Commerce, Information Technology Controls Division at (202) 482-0707 to apply for permission to make the transfer via an Export License. A transfer without the required license is a felony.

By downloading and/or using this Software and encryption services, you accept full and personal responsibility for the custody of this software and agree to comply with all applicable export control laws and obtain all necessary licenses should you wish to ‘export’ any copies of the Software.