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PrivateRouter OpenWRT

The Open Source VPN Router

OpenWRT is one of the most popular open-source operating systems for wireless routers that can run on a variety of devices. PrivateRouter OpenWRT is a highly customized version that we develop and maintain to provide you the best features from the moment you power your router on.

Our team here at PrivateRouter is constantly updating our OpenWRT build, and every router sold will continue to get security updates and improvements every time it comes online. This custom-built distribution of OpenWRT is truly open source and we make each line of code available for free on the PrivateRouter Github repository.

Every router supports OpenVPN, WireGuard, V2ray, Vmess, Vless, Trojan, HTTPS, Shadowsocks and more. PrivateRouter OpenWRT is so feature rich it utilizes a secondary storage method, mini sd, or usb, to provide expanded package storage and plenty of onboard storage for files storage, minidlna, and more.

This isn’t your standard WiFi router. PrivateRouter OpenWRT is the swiss army knife of VPN Wifi Routers.

PrivateRouter OpenWRT Features:

Experience high-speed, seamless connectivity and unrivalled control over your home network with the Slate Plus Router. This versatile router comes pre-flashed with the latest mainline version of OpenWRT, running on PrivateRouter’s customized OpenWRT OS, guaranteeing you a highly customizable and secure networking environment.


High-Speed Dual Band AC Wireless Router: Enjoy lightning-fast wireless speeds with a dual band network – 400Mbps on the 2.4G band and 867Mbps on the 5G band. Powered by a robust and efficient IPQ4018 @717MHz CPU, it delivers unwavering performance and reliability.

Open Source & Programmable: Running on the latest OpenWrt 21.02 operating system, the Slate Plus reduces signal interference for an enhanced online experience. You can customize the router settings and install applications as per your unique needs.

Wide Range of VPN Protocols: With VPN protocols like WireGuard, OpenVPN, V2ray, Shadowsocks, and SSL proxy pre-installed, the router delivers VPN speeds up to 28 Mbps (OpenVPN) and 170 Mbps (WireGuard). It is also compatible with over all TorGuard VPN protocols.

Network Storage: Equipped with a SAMBA and NFS compatible network storage feature, we program the router to run an expanded file storage setup from a USB 3.0 device. With 500MB of package storage and over 200GB of storage for SMB, NFS, Dnla, and more, you can easily store and share documents.

Portability and Versatility: This compact and lightweight router (118 x 84 x 33 mm, 429g) is perfect for on-the-go use. Whether you’re at a hotel, café, airport, or other public places, it effortlessly connects to public WiFi hotspots while ensuring the security of your devices.

VPN Internet Kill Switch: An added security feature that acts as a shut-off mechanism for all Internet traffic. If a VPN client (OpenVPN or WireGuard) isn’t running, devices connected to the router are not allowed to access the Internet, offering an extra layer of protection.

VPN Policies: Personalize your VPN routing policies as per your needs. You can use VPN for specific websites/IPs while maintaining regular Internet traffic without VPN for others.

Package Contents: Your purchase includes the GL-A1300 (Slate Plus) router, power adapter (US Plug), Ethernet cable, and user manual.

Whether you’re a power user seeking advanced control over your network or a privacy enthusiast looking for added security, the Slate Plus Router is the ultimate tool for an enhanced online experience. Secure your online world with Slate Plus and take control of your internet today!