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The “Cloud” is just someone else’s computer. PrivateRouter helps you put internet privacy and cloud resources back under your command. Secure your internet access with VPN Wifi routers and protect your data with onsite web hosting solutions. Welcome to the reverse cloud migration.

4G/5G on board
Fast Connetions
Access from Anywhere


Private Router Services

Bundle your plan with a VPN router or onsite web server and reverse proxy for private 24/7 remote access anywhere in the world.

Secure IP Camerasw/ remote access

Starting at$99

IP Camera Secuirity

Manage IP cams from anywhere with a Private VPN Router, Reverse Proxy and MotionEye OS Server. These video feeds are for your eyes only. 

Onsite Web Hostinglocal or remote

Starting at$59

Reverse Proxy Web Hosting

Stream media, manage chat and video conference, or host any web platform with private remote access from anywhere. Domain + SSL Included.

Secure VPN Wifi ServiceFull Network Privacy

Starting at$39

Private VPN Wifi Routers

Get network wide encryption and stay private with a pre-configured TorGuard VPN router, powered by Open Source router software OpenWRT.

Stream your Favorite Media Anywhere.

Smart TV’s are not so smart. Watch your favorite media files on a private remote connection to your local media library with PrivateRouter’s Media NAS bundle.

Remote Media Access Starting @
  • $9
    / mo
  • $39
    / device

Onsite Hosting, Under Your Control.

Keep cloud resources under a watchful eye with onsite web hosting solutions and easy to use remote access. This is your personal cloud server.

Always Online

Access exactly what you need when you need it, 24/7.

No Data Caps

There are no bandwidth limits and no network throttling.

Global Server PoPs

Remotely access your data anywhere on planet earth.

Fast Speeds

Our network is so fast, you'll feel right at home.

We route your traffic,

You become the web host.

From private VPN Wifi, remote file access or B2B onsite web hosting, let us handle the details.

We can build your ideal network solution. You plug it in.

Pick a Solution

Data Speed Upto 1Gbps

Pick a Service

Pick your App

Data Speed Upto 1Gbps

Select a Device

Choose remote or local access

Speeds Up to 1Gbps

Select Plan Type

Choose Bandwidth

Data Speed Upto 1Gbps

Set Proxy CPU power

Select Addon Apps

Data Speed Upto 1Gbps

Choose Addon Apps

Onsite reverse proxy web hosting

Why Choose Private Router?

Combine Wifi Routers, Network Storage & Remote Access Solutions

Pay only for the services you need, and nothing more. Choose from available Wifi Routers, NAS hardware and Reverse Proxy or Remote VPN Plans. No contracts or commitment, cancel anytime.

VPN Wifi Router

Starting @
  • $49
    / mo

Router + NAS

Starting @
  • $89
    / mo

Router + NAS + Remote Acess

Starting @
  • $179
    / mo

We can build a private network to fit you.

Contact us with your exact need and PrivateRouter will customize a secure onsite data solution with remote access, just for you.

    No Contracts

    If you don’t love the service, cancel without any fees or penalties.

    24/7 Support

    Round-the-clock technicians ready to help online or by phone.

    Real People

    A global network backed by real people and real support solutions.