Custom Installs

Setting up your ideal self-hosted web server complete with preferred list of web apps can seem daunting for some. That’s why we provide the support, education and expert install services so your server will work out-of-the-box the day it arrives. Save time and ensure correct configuration by taking advantage of our pre-installation services. 

Our team can support any use case, from home automation, cloud storage, secure communication, network area storage, and more. Simply choose the custom install add-on during checkout and detail your use case with desired list of web applications you would like to make use of. Don’t know what apps will fit your needs? We can help you find and deploy them securely. A dedicated PrivateRouter support rep will coordinate all installation options via support ticket and ship your self hosted web server so it works out-of-the-box. 

Let us pre-configure your self hosted web server.

Our team can build an open source self-hosted solution to fit any personal or business use case. Save time and money by choosing “custom install” on checkout. Let us handle the details.

Ready to use out-of-the box.

All PrivateRouter DIY web hosting boxes come shipped ready to use out of the box pre-configured with your proxy, domain and SSL certificate. Choose “custom install” on checkout and we will pre-install any list of required web apps.

Add more web apps anytime.

Customized installs don’t mean you are limited to a set list of web applications. All Yunohost and Docker self-hosted solutions allow new apps to be added anytime through an easy one click application interface. 

Custom Install FAQ’s

Yes, all PrivateRouter boxes come shipped pre-configured with your proxy, domain option, and SSL certificate. Simply plug the provided LAN cable into a router and power it on to access.

No, you don’t have to use our self hosted web boxes with a reverse proxy and domain name although most apps work best with this configuration. Specify “local hosting” on checkout and we will ship the device with a .local domain that works only when connected to your private network. 

Yes, tech savvy users who already have a self hosted web server onsite can still take advantage of our reverse proxy service. To install our proxy on an existing box purchase the reverse proxy subscription service and follow the setup instructions. PrivateRouter’s proxy is compatible with any Linux system and is easily deployed with our docker app.

All standard orders are processed and shipped within 24 hrs, however a custom installation request can add 24-48 hours to shipping time while our team pre-configures the box per your specifications.  

All self hosted web servers purchased from PrivateRouter come with 24/7 support. If something breaks, or an app auto updates and stops working, our team will assist to get you back up and running as soon as possible. 

Pre-installed boxes ship with an easy to use home screen featuring links to your web apps.