DIY Web Servers

We build production ready self hosting web servers large and small. Our team has carefully selected the best hardware on the market and pre-installed secure mainline OS images directly from Armbian, Debian and Ubuntu.

We do not ship ARM hardware running insecure Linux distributions from Chinese hardware manufacturers and only support official versions of Linux operating systems that feature secure package management. If we can’t find a specific OS directly on the official Linux distro’s website, we will not support it on a given device.

From ARM to x86

Just because your DIY web server fits in the palm of your hand doesn’t mean it is not powerful enough to run a long list of web apps and exceed your expectations.

Reliable ARM web servers built on Armbian.

We offer a wide range of headless ARM and ARM64 web servers that run official Armbian OS images. These provide small, secure, & affordable DIY hosting.

Professional DIY web servers built to scale.

Expecting a lot of traffic? We offer a variety of mini PC and enterprise grade x86 headless web servers that are built to scale. 

Web Server FAQ’s

No, our self hosted webservers can work on any router with internet access and do not require an OpenWRT PrivateRouter device. The only exception to this is the larger enterprise HP-Micro hardware as these run ProxMox VE and require a custom router for Virtual Machine IP management.

The biggest difference is ease of use. Yunohost is best for beginning DIY web hosting and works well on smaller ARM devices. Yunohost is capable of hosting many apps on one domain while our Docker builds require a new domain or new subdomain for each web app. Yunohost is a great option for small to medium use cases while Docker is better at scaling as usage increases. Yunohost has easy one click app deployment  but is limited to app installs supported by Yunohost OS. Docker features one click installs with Caprover and Portainer although it is possible to configure any app that supports Docker.

Yes, ARM and ARM64 devices are limited to running web apps that offer specific support for ARM. While this may sound like a big limitation most popular web apps already support ARM and the list is always growing.

Of course! Let us know of any special requests in your order comments. We can pre-configure your install with Docker CLI only, or include Web UI’s like Portainer and Yacht. 

Yes you can as long as you have access to the internet access point. If you plan on traveling with a mini web server and don’t have physical access to a LAN port we suggest pairing it with a small OpenWRT router. This allows you to connect the OpenWRT router to any internet enabled WiFi network and run the mini web server on the OpenWRT router.