To protect your network against ISP network interruptions or unforeseen VPN disconnects it is possible to setup OpenWRT's Watchcat module to periodically ping a given IP address. If no reply is received you can configure a time interval for Watchcat to reboot your router. In most cases rebooting your WiFi router will resolve the majority of connection issues.

To add a Watchcat rule click Services on the left menu and select Watchcat. Set mode to "Ping Reboot" and a host IP to ping for uptime verification. 

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ADD to enable the rule and then click the SAVE AND APPLY button. In this example the router will ping Google's DNS address and if no reply is received after six hours the router will be reboot automatically. 

Watchcat also provides other reboot rules:

Periodic Reboot - This option reboots the device after a specified interval of time

Restart Interface - This option will only restart a given network interface if a ping to a specified host fails for a specified duration of time.

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