Intel Quad-core 2.25GHz 8GB DDR3 256GB SSD OpenWRT + Docker Router


This Small but Powerful VPN router uses an Intel Celeron N2940 quad-core 4 threads processor, up to 2.25GHz, 8GB RAM and an upgraded 256 GB SSD hard drive for plenty of storage. This is the perfect device for anyone looking to multi task remote VPN access and self host a long list of applications.


Custom VPN Routers

Secure Networking, Self Hosting and Remote Access - all in one.

These aren’t your traditional Wifi Routers. They may not look as intimidating as the latest consumer grade WiFi router but inside the box you’ll find more CPU power, RAM and storage capabilities than other traditional routers at the same price point.  Our customized VPN routers are built to be a powerful all in one solution to VPN tunneling, self hosting, and remote access – bundled into a single easy to use solution.

Powered by OpenWRT and Docker, these customized VPN routers provide you the ability to do things traditional WiFi router manufacturers never dreamed of. These personal computers have been repurposed as powerful networking tools that can tunnel OpenVPN and Wireguard, provide remote VPN access, deploy Docker applications, serve as NAS boxes, host a public website, or simply act as a Wifi router.

Docker empowers these OpenWRT routers so you can bring the cloud on-site and take back control of your data with easy deployment of self-hosted web applications and remote access VPN tools. Docker is one of the most versatile and stable platforms for any DIY web host and we provide both new and advanced users the open-source tools they need to start self-hosting virtual web apps with Docker. Start using private cloud storage directly on your router with Nextcloud or Seafile, self host your password manager with Bitwarden, or customize home automation with the IoT apps like  HomeAssistant or Domoticz – all from a single router.

When we compared WireGuard VPN download performance against some of today’s most popular VPN routers the results were surprising. Encryption and VPN tunneling is resource intensive and the added power found in our customized VPN routers out performed today’s top selling consumer brands by a long shot.

PrivateRouter’s easy Remote VPN access options allow you to secure countless apps behind Wireguard without risk of exposing them to the public. Taking control of your own data is one of the most powerful and effective ways to regain your privacy in a time when “Big Data” is watching everything. Take back control of your wireless freedom with the power of open source firmware OpenWRT and Docker.

Custom OpenWRT/Docker Router Features:

Product Specs:

  • Small but Powerful—This VPN router PC uses an Intel Celeron N2940 quad-core 4 threads processor, up to 2.25GHz, 2MB cache. Intel HD graphics, 313-854MHz. It comes shipped pre-loaded with the latest mainline version of OpenVPN and loaded with Docker.
  • Upgradable Storage—Memory: 8GB RAM, 1x DDR3L slot; Hard Disk: 256GB SSD, 1x mSATA slot, up to 512GB. It also has a 2.5-inch SATA slot on the side interface, up to 2TB HDD(7mm thickness).
  • Dual HDMI Display—The vpn router PC comes with 2x HDMI port and Intel HD graphics. This OpenWRT router also supports 6x USB port to connect various peripherals, such as printer, projector, scanner, etc.
  • Dual NIC & Wireless Tech—The micro pc has 2x RJ45 LAN port, supports dual gigabit ethernet. It also has built-in 2.4G +5G dual-band Intel based wifi and 4.0 BT to let you browse the web and playback HD videos more smoothly.
  • Packing List and Service—1* Vnopn mini pc, 2* WiFi Antenna, 1*VESA Bracket Kit, 1* Power Supply,