OpenWRT's powerful system of features provides users an excellent web based user interface called luci that powers PrivateRouter's Ui. 

LUCI (Library for User-Centered Interfaces) is a toolkit of digital assets to help product teams design and build high-quality, cohesive user experiences quickly and efficiently. This way you can make changes from the web browser instead of the command line. 

If you are having issues after installing new OpenWRT packages and the new package's menu option does not display, you need to update Luci.

Fortunately, this can be done easily with the package update system. To update your luci library click the System tab and select Software. Click the Update lists button and wait a few moments to download the latest package list.

First click the update tab then type "luci" into the filter text box. If you need to update your luci library there will be a list of various luci packages below the updates tab. Click the UPDATE button on each package to ensure your web UI is functioning properly. This should resolve any missing menu entries when installing new OpenWRT packages.  


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